Rethinking Business for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability transformation is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and organizations must overcome significant technological hurdles on their journey.

ISTIDAMA (إستدامة)
The Arabic word for Sustainability

GBM ISTIDAMA is a comprehensive methodology that can help organizations throughout their sustainable journey. The methodology is designed to support organizations in setting their ESG strategy and goals, with a country/sector perspective that involves dynamic materiality assessments to prioritize multi-year goals and actions.

The establishment of program governance is critical to curate and harmonize reporting requirements. Once measurements have been taken, GBM ISTIDAMA can suggest and implement various sustainability improvement solutions.

Finally, GBM can help organizations with the last mile problem of disclosures for ESG reports and assurance, ensuring that organizations can accurately communicate their sustainable journey to stakeholders. Overall, GBM ISTIDAMA is a cohesive and comprehensive approach to sustainability that can help organizations achieve their ESG goals effectively.

Did you know?

Our latest survey with IDC shows ...

of the surveyed organizations plan to leverage AI in their sustainability initiatives.


of surveyed organizations in the region highlighted that sustainability is very critical for their corporate strategy.


of the organizations have a sustainability practice rooted across their operations.


What do we deliver?

Turning ambition into enterprise-wide action.

Sustainable and innovative technology solutions can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint, enhance operational resilience, and create value for all stakeholders.

The results of the survey demonstrate a clear association between evolving the digital transformation strategy and accelerating the ESG agenda of any organization. Through a comprehensive analysis of the environmental, social, and governance factors, GBM has demonstrated its commitment to driving positive change in the region and beyond.

As we continue to navigate a complex and rapidly evolving business landscape, it is imperative that we prioritize ESG considerations and leverage technology as a key enabler for sustainable growth. By doing so, we can create a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

To help our clients achieve their ESG goals, we follow a three-step process.

    The first step is to discover where the client stands in their ESG journey, analyzing their current landscape, stakeholder map, and desired outcomes. This information is then used to align the client’s goals with the appropriate applicable framework.

    Once we have understood the customer’s requirements, we move into governance and reporting, which includes a comprehensive approach to tracking the organizations Nonfinancial disclosures, IT and OT and reporting on the desired metrics.

    We deliver sustainability improvement solutions needed to help improve an organization’s current ESG score. Our ESG Management Platform helps you monitor and manage the impact of various IT, and OT improvement solutions deployed in the context of profitability.

GBM ESG Management Platform

We realise, depending on the Sustainability appetite, ESG management Platform adoption can vary from one organization to another. We support you wherever you are in this Sustainability maturity spectrum. Through Istidama, we cater to all.

We share the risks of rising temperatures alongside all countries. And alongside all countries, we share the ambition to make transformational, game-changing progress - and to get ahead of the future.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber

President-Designate COP28

Essential Guidance

There are several interconnected considerations that are equally important to the success of any sustainability journey. The success of a given sustainability initiative may be undermined if any one of these considerations is not taken into account:

Regional Government Initiatives

    United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates
    • Net Zero 2050
    • Hosting COP 28 in 2023
    • ESG Disclosures Mandatory for listed companies
    • Net Zero 2060 Target
    • Sustainable Energy Authority - pledge to cover 5% of electricity demand with renewables by 2025
    • New Kuwait 2035 Vision calls for the creation of sustainable living
    • Sustainable Finance - Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) has applied ESG standard
    • 7% Reduction in emissions by 2030
    • Muscat Stock Exchange (MSX) announced the "ESG & D&I" disclosure requirement
    • Hosted UN COP 27 on Climate Change
    • Updated its sustainable development/climate
      change strategy
    • Egypt Central Bank member of IFC/World
      Bank’s Sustainable Banking Network

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Rethinking Business for a sustainable future.